New Roles at WGGS

Two members of our community are taking on new roles within the WGGS Community.

Tanya Hull is beginning her term as Co-President of the Board. Tanya started with WGGS serving as a muse at Paige Elementary School and Central Park Middle School before joining the WGGS, and she has served on SCSD’s Board of Education and is a member of the Adopted Not for Profit Committee with the Capital Region Chamber’s Women’s Council as well as an Eastern Star. She works as a real estate agent for RE/MAX. We’re so excited that she’s agreed to serve as Co-President! 

Laura LaFontaine was featured in our very first newsletter‘s About Us, and we’re so happy she’s stuck with us! At that time, we had hired her for a part time Executive Director position, but as time has passed, Laura’s suggested, and we’ve agreed, that Program Coordinator is a title that more accurately reflects her position. And she’s so essential to coordinating our program that beginning this year she will plan to devote more hours to WGGS. We’re grateful for all Laura does to keep WGGS running smoothly.