Congratulations to our first Helga Schroeter Scholarship Recipient, Myauta Ponzo!

You may remember Myauta, the Steinmetz Career & Leadership Academy student who spoke at our last Circles of Support about her experience with Girls’ Circles. We’re so excited to support her as she takes her next step in her educational journey! Myauta plans to attend SCCC this fall to pursue a degree in psychology and become a therapist.

In Myauta’s words. . .

“Girls’ Circle has helped me in more ways than I can even express. First, it has introduced me to three amazing women in my life who have exposed me to things that I would not have had the opportunity to be a part of if it weren’t for them. Girls’ Circle taught me how to network with professionals and learn how to ‘sell’ myself as an upcoming professional. Girls’ Circle helped me build my communication skills by giving me the chance to be a leader in our circles, talk to middle schoolers, and also speak in the community and women’s empowerment and community problems. Finally, Girls’ Circle helped me build a community of women in my school who I now recognize as family. It was a supportive circle that brought us together and I love each of them dearly.”

Congratulations, Myauta! We know you’ll continue to make your community a better and kinder place to be.

Myauta with Mary Moore Wallinger.