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2019 Celebration Dinner Displays

The scene is always lovely at our Girls' Circle Celebration, with flowers from Kulak's Nursery and a lovely spread put together by volunteers. But some of our favorite décor are the projects that muses bring from their Girls' Circle to share with all of us. Here are few examples from this year's celebration. If you are a Girls' Circle participant who has an image of your artwork that you'd like to share, please send it to info@wggschenectady.org or share it via our Facebook page and we'll add it here. Thank you!

Girls’ Day Out 2018

Our tenth annual Girls' Day Out was held on Wednesday, November 14, at the Glen Sanders Mansion. Thanks to Catherine Snyder for putting this slide show together! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjbWcwMfYJs

Senator Gillibrand Sends Greetings

We were so honored to receive greetings from Senator Gillibrand on the occasion of our 10th Annual Girls' Day Out!  

Spotlight on Girls: Circles of Support Speakers

  At our recent Circles of Support event, we were joined by two Schenectady High School students who have participated in our programs, Mylika Rozier (right) and Shamiah Walker (middle) from Central Park. Both girls expressed surprise at the care and support that they'd found, and they both particularly noted how impressed they were by how the adult volunteers modeled this caring and support for each other as well as the girls at events. Clearly, they'd absorbed these values, like when Mylika opened her speech announcing, "You all look amazing today." In addition, Shamiah shared a poem that you can find here. Here are some excerpts from ...

Circles of Support 2018 Fundraiser – Thank you!

This year's WGGS member recipient of our Roots & Wings award was Gwynne DeLong, founding member and past President of the Board. Gwynne shared that she was grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the Schenectady community after retiring from teaching for 35 years as well as for the friendships she's made over the years with fellow volunteers. She gave a particular shout-out to Helga Shroeter, who first encouraged her to volunteer with the Schenectady's League of Women Voters, where our founders first conceived of the idea for WGGS. Roots & Wings awards were also presented to some of our most dedicated and skilled facilitators who ...

Our Newest WGGS Board Members

We're so pleased to introduce you to our two newest board members.   Pam Carter Pam has served as Muse at Central Park Middle School and Oneida Middle School. Pam is active at her church and in the community. She volunteers with the SICM Food Pantry and serves as a Board Member with Safe Inc. and with the YWCA of NorthEastern NY. She's also an SCSD graduate.   Lakeia Allen Bowman Lakeia served as a Muse at Central Park Middle School and currently works as a mental health counselor for SEAT (Social Enterprise and Training for 16-24 year old out-of-school youth). Lakeia grew up in Schenectady, and her dad was Schenectady City ...

Poem by Shamiah Walker

Shamiah shared this poem at our 2018 Girls' Circle Celebration and at our 2018 Circles of Support Fundraiser.   What some people call my beauty I see as flaws my curvaceous bootie as a curse My acne as a blessing and my intelligence as an honor because people don't see the real you unless you make them so I take my stand because it's time to awake 'em and show them the real me I'm not just an hourglass I'm someone who is smart who struggles to past I'm someone who loves to be liked and likes to be loved but they rather see my bottom than my face that's above because my greenish-hazel eyes in my golden blond ...

Reaching Out: Field Trips to Colleges and a Conference

Several 8th grade and high school girls visited Schenectady County Community College in April. They were welcomed by faculty, staff and students with a brief introduction to making connections and exploring possibilities. From there, they were taken on a tour and had opportunities to explore the Culinary, Biotech and Music departments. They were treated to a delicious lunch in the Van Curler Room. They learned about the importance of making great first impressions, etiquette, and the importance of getting an education. They had the opportunity to ask questions of current students, then finished their visit with a "Love Yourself First" activity. ...

Spotlight on Girls: Inspiration and Creativity

Words are powerful, and many of our Girls' Circle activities focus on the messages we tell ourselves and each other. We can find inspiration and wisdom from our foremothers, sacred texts, and even pop songs. Recently, some of our high schoolers visited C.R.E.A.T.E. Community Studios for a morning of creative expression together.  Each girl created her own painting to express a message that was inspiring for her. The paintings were almost as beautiful to behold as everyone's smiles! We're so fortunate to have this terrific community resource right in downtown Schenectady. If you haven't visited, you need to go soon!

Presidents’ Note – The Circle, May 2018

This year we are pleased to announce the expansion of our Girls' Circle Program to include mothers and daughters. We piloted this new effort at Mont Pleasant Middle School and Central Park Middle School. Moms and girls met for about 90 minutes each week for 6 weeks and talked about issues that affect teens and women. Child care and dinner were provided for participants. Using activities and crafts the groups explored ideas like healthy relationships, stress management, self compassion, social media, sibling rivalry and planning and building dreams for the future. One of the groups visited Yoga Bliss on the Boulevard and those moms, daughters and ...