Lead Team Members

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Laura LaFontaine

Program Coordinator
Laura began her journey with WGGS in 2014 as a volunteer. She later went on to become the WGGS Program Coordinator and continues to run Girls' Circles as a Muse. She is very passionate about working with and supporting the youth of Schenectady.

Cynthia Farmer

Board Member
Cynthia has served as a Muse and is very passionate about working with the youth of Schenectady. She believes strongly in serving her community and is very involved, serving as Treasurer: Schenectady NAACP Branch; Chairperson: Schenectady NAACP Branch Education Committee; Chairperson: Reactivation of the Schenectady NAACP Branch; Chairperson: Higher Education Services Corporation Affirmative Action Advisory Committee; Staff Representative: Higher Education Services Cooperation Bureau of Collection Control Advisory Committee; President of the BOD: Chocolate Thunder Marching & Dancing Band Youth Development Program, Inc.; Council Leader: Division 355 PEF.

Lakeia Allen Bowman

Board Member /Former Muse
Lakeia served as a Muse at Central Park Middle School and currently works as a mental health counselor for SEAT (Social Enterprise and Training for 16-24 year old out-of-school youth). Lakeia grew up in Schenectady, and her dad was Schenectady City Councilman Joe Allen.

Monique Wade

Board Vice President
Monique's first experience with WGGS was in a high school Girls' Circle. Later, she served as a Muse. After working as an EMT at Mohawk Ambulance Services, Monique took a position as one of two Peer Mediation Coordinators for SCSD middle schoolers. Monique explains, "I help students with conflict resolution and weighing their options aside from verbal or physical altercations. I think helping is worthwhile because I vowed to myself to be the person for others that I needed when I was their age. If I can be that shining light of guidance for others, I'm willing to do so." 

Pam Carter

Board Co-President
Pam was a previous Muse at Central Park Middle School and at Oneida Middle School. Pam is active at her church and in the community. She volunteers with the SICM Food Pantry, serves as a Board Member with Safe Inc. of Schenectady County and with the YWCA in Schenectady.