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Reaching Out: Field Trips to Colleges and a Conference

Several 8th grade and high school girls visited Schenectady County Community College in April. They were welcomed by faculty, staff and students with a brief introduction to making connections and exploring possibilities. From there, they were taken on a tour and had opportunities to explore the Culinary, Biotech and Music departments. They were treated to a delicious lunch in the Van Curler Room. They learned about the importance of making great first impressions, etiquette, and the importance of getting an education. They had the opportunity to ask questions of current students, then finished their visit with a "Love Yourself First" activity. ...

Spotlight on Girls: Inspiration and Creativity

Words are powerful, and many of our Girls' Circle activities focus on the messages we tell ourselves and each other. We can find inspiration and wisdom from our foremothers, sacred texts, and even pop songs. Recently, some of our high schoolers visited C.R.E.A.T.E. Community Studios for a morning of creative expression together.  Each girl created her own painting to express a message that was inspiring for her. The paintings were almost as beautiful to behold as everyone's smiles! We're so fortunate to have this terrific community resource right in downtown Schenectady. If you haven't visited, you need to go soon!