Poem by Shamiah Walker

Shamiah shared this poem at our 2018 Girls’ Circle Celebration and at our 2018 Circles of Support Fundraiser.


What some people call my beauty I see as flaws

my curvaceous bootie as a curse

My acne as a blessing and my intelligence as an honor because

people don’t see the real you unless you make them so I take my stand

because it’s time to awake ’em and show them the real me

I’m not just an hourglass

I’m someone who is smart who struggles to past

I’m someone who loves to be liked and likes to be loved

but they rather see my bottom than my face that’s above

because my greenish-hazel eyes in my golden blond hair with the smile only a mother could love

isn’t enough to attract someone

who cares more about my blessings and less about my flaws.