Spotlight on Girls: Circles of Support Speakers


At our recent Circles of Support event, we were joined by two Schenectady High School students who have participated in our programs, Mylika Rozier (right) and Shamiah Walker (middle) from Central Park. Both girls expressed surprise at the care and support that they’d found, and they both particularly noted how impressed they were by how the adult volunteers modeled this caring and support for each other as well as the girls at events. Clearly, they’d absorbed these values, like when Mylika opened her speech announcing, “You all look amazing today.” In addition, Shamiah shared a poem that you can find here.

Here are some excerpts from their speeches.

“Girls’ Circle taught me that there are people in this school and outside the school that. . . you can have a great connection with. . . such a tight bond. . . it’s amazing.  I felt very cared for when I was in Girls Circles. I feel like the ladies cared about me & helped me to care about myself and the other girls in the circle. I feel like I will try to show the same sort of love to other people when I get a chance. Thank you.” – Mylika 

“Being in Girls’ Circles has taught me so many things about life. You can be in school and you’d walk past a girl, you won’t say hi. But then, you see her in Girls’ Circle, you learn things about her, and now you want to give her a hug, say, ‘Hi, how’s your day going?’ and it made so many friendship and bonds with people. You know that you have people who are ready to listen to what you’re about to say next. You know that they care, and you know that you’re appreciated because you also care for the person and show them the same amount of respect.” – Shamiah