Spotlight on Girls: What Girls Say About Girls’ Circles

At our Celebration Dinner, some girls chose to complete phrases to tell us more about how Girls’ Circles impacted them. Here are some responses.

I would recommend joining a Girls’ Circle because. . .

  • It helps me see who my friends are and it helps me with problems I have in school!
  • It helps open female’s minds
  • It’s fun and motivating
  • It’s a good experience to see women come together to talk about our life and just communicate.  Even though I am shy and stuff that they have opened me up and I have become more comfortable with talking.
  • It’s a fun and family-like group of girls.
  • It is very fun and it helped me deal with my anger.  
  • It helps you be yourself and to love yourself
  • It is a very good and open community for you to be comfortable.

Something I would like the people who support Girls’ Circle to know is. . .

  • I appreciate everything you women do for me and my peers.  Thank you very much.
  • Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to have a safe place to talk.
  • The crafts are fun!
  • Thank you for everything and all the support.