Celebration Dinner

This is the best time of our year! As the school year approaches summer break, we take an evening to bring all of our Girls’ Circles together to share and celebrate all the support we have given each other.

Our Celebration Dinner is a culmination of the year’s growth and connection. Each girl invites a woman in her life who is important to her, and they celebrate together in an evening of connection, inspiration, and empowerment. We have many speakers throughout the evening, including girls, Muses, parents, and school officials. Each girl reflects upon her year in her Girls’ Circle, and she is encouraged to share how her experiences have helped her grow, find her strengths, and develop her distinctive voice.

A highlight of our celebration dinner is our slideshow of the girls and their activities throughout the year. Here’s our most recent slideshow:

To learn more about the Celebration Dinner or if you want to know more about how to get involved in our the Girls’ Circle program, contact us.