Girls’ Circles

Girls’ Circles are a continuation of the work and support that began at Girls’ Day Out. Most of the girls participating in Girls’ Circles took part in Girls’ Day Out, although attendance to that event is not a requirement for being a part of a Girls’ Circle.

Each Girls’ Circle is led by two Muses. The Muse’s job is to inspire and support—we are not there to instruct or lecture. The Muses partner with guidance counselors and/or social workers to provide a safe and supportive space that the girls can count on and turn to throughout the school year. The Girls’ Circles meet at the schools weekly or biweekly, either at lunchtime or after school. We focus on helping girls find and nurture their unique talents, strengths, interests, and dreams. We are committed to creating, accepting and nurturing space where girls can forge strong connections with both peers and adults that can help them build healthy relationships and make positive choices for themselves and their futures.

Girls can continue to participate in Girls’ Circles all the way through their senior year in high school, and the focus and tenor of those Girls’ Circles evolve to meet their changing needs.

The Girls’ Circles program is unique among girls outreach programs because we work in the schools, partnering with the school’s clinicians. We are a part of the school’s community, and we work with the school to help achieve the overall educational and developmental mission. Our Girls’ Circles program is a collaborative network of Muses and school clinicians.

Girls’ Circles provide a setting that: 

• offers a safe space for girls

• supports girls’ positive development, recognizing their strengths and potential

• enables them to explore (gain more tools for) relationship skills and ways to

express feelings in a healthy way

• connects girls with a diverse community of women who care about them

• encourages girls to increase their connections to their community resources

• expands their vision of themselves now and in the future

Throughout the year the girls also have the opportunity to take part in off-campus enrichment experiences with our Field Trips.

To learn more about Girls’ Circles or if you want to know more about how to get involved in our Girls’ Circles program, contact us.